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After a brave and handsome prince's James Franco new bride Zooey Deschanel is kidnapped by an evil wizard Justin Theroux , he must go on a quest with his lazy, underachieving brother Danny McBride in order to rescue her. Directed by David Gordon Green. A man is wearing the severed genitals of a minotaur around his neck as a necklace, and the genitals hit his mouth when he tries to take off the necklace; he offers the genitals to a woman that turns him down, and he then hands the genitals to another man, who places them on the man's shoulder. We see the severed genitals of a minotaur hanging around a man's neck for approximately 20 minutes in various situations and settings, including dangling next to a woman's face as she is strapped to a bed she grabs the genitals in a suggestive fashion and the man pulls them out of her hands. A man draws a crude cartoon of a man and a woman having sex: we see a man's massive genitals and the woman's bare breasts. We see several topless women with their bare breasts lightly covered with mud but still visible.
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Portman engages in gratuitous nudity in Your Highness

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Your Highness (Comparison: Theatrical Version - Unrated Version) -

The first two main actors were already a part of the previous stoner-movie and Miss Portman just won the oscar for Black Swan. The concept to satirize medieval fairy tales seemed to work quite well - at least in the Red Band-trailer mind you, not only because of the main actress' naked behind. However, the final movie was generally panned by most critics no matter how much you liked the movie, you have to admit that Roger Ebert's review is quite true at times and in fact actually is quite a crude product. As you can hear in the audio commentary, the producers didn't want to make a typical spoof-comedy-movie; still, the short moments of violence seem to be quite misplaced not as in Pineapple Express and the halfway serious story does not really carry the audience along. The few nice satirical approaches unfortunately get lost in the vast number of dirty jokes which will probably not even amuse those who dig such a humor. However, this report is not about judging the movie, so let's talk about the more important aspects The Versions Due to the major bomb at the box office, the movie only in the USA received a theatrical release.
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Natalie Portman Does Sexy Strip in Your Highness (watch)


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